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Master Johhny Lim - Examiner (STA)

I was introduced to the art of Taekwon-do at YMCA under GM B.S.Huan. I was GM second batch of students and trained 3 times a week under the strict guidance of GM B.S.Huan. After 2 years of continuous training I attained the grade of Brown 2 (equivalent to current Red 2). I than joined Singapore Taekwon-do Federation at Gay World Geylang and obtained my lst Dan black belt in 1970. Found out that Singapore Taekwon-do Academy have moved to the Indian temple at Serangoon Road I decided to re-join GM B.S.Huan and have since stayed with STA until today year 2020 (50 years). Besides Taekwon-Do I have also trained in other Martial Arts.

# Learn/Practice Wing Chun in Hong Kong for 3 years.
I was trained by Sifu Sam Lau who was the first few students of Ip Man.

# Practice Southern Shaolin in Geylang Singapore for 2 years.

# Practice Hapkido for 1 year.

Awarded TKD black belt degree as follows.

# lst Dan from Singapore Taekwon-do Federation.

# 2nd, 3rd & 5th Dan from Singapore Taekwon-do Academy.

# 4th Dan from General Choi Hong Hi

TaeKwon !

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