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Master Lee Yan Shyong - Examiner (STA)

Master Lee Yan Shyong joined Singapore Taekwon-Do Academy in 1985 with his two siblings; elder sister and younger brother. (Photo 1) They trained under Senior Master Leonard Seow in Jurong West. In 1987, when he was a red/Black belt (1 kup); at the age of 16, he trained under late Grandmaster B S Huan. Master Lee attained his 1st Dan-Degree Black Belt in the same year (1987).

While continuing his advance training in HQ, he was also assisting in teaching with Senior Master Leonard Seow. In 1989, he registered with Singapore Martial Art Control Unit as an Instructor in Singapore Taekwon-do Academy. He started to teach at Jurong East, Church of the True Light, Factory in Tuas, etc.

In 1990, Master Lee won 2 gold medals in Traditional Taekwon-do Tournament for Black Belt Individual Pattern and Black Belt Sparring. He obtained his 2nd Dan-Degree Black Belt in the same year.

Master Lee attained his 3rd Dan-Degree Black Belt in 1993. He enlisted to National Service in the same year, due to his NS commitment, he can only teach during Sunday. He was also appointed as a Referee in the Traditional Taekwon-do Tournament. After his National Service, he took over a few classes. In 1998, he was promoted to 4th Dan-Degree Black Belt. He was appointed to organize Centralize Grading and was also appointed as a Chief Referee in Traditional Taekwon-do Tournament.

In 2003, he was promoted to 5th Dan-Degree Black Belt. He leads many demonstrations in committee events. He is also the Examiner in the Singapore Taekwon-Do Academy Centralize Grading. Currently, Master Lee is conducting classes in Jurong area; he is also mentoring new instructors and new clubs in the West of Singapore.

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