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Leonard Seow

Senior Master Leonard Seow - Senior Examiner (STA)

Senior Master Leonard Seow first began learning martial arts in 1970. This was his first attempt in learning martial arts. The Taekwon-do class was organised by the Church of the Sacred Heart in Tank Road. The Taekwon-do class was conducted by Grandmaster B S Huan in the early days when he decided to offer the teachings of Taekwon-do to Singaporeans.

On 26th April 1973, Senior Master Seow received his Black Belt 1st Degree from the Singapore

Taekwon-do Academy. He continued in the art and obtained his 3rd Degree Black Belt on 8th May 1988 from General Choi Hong Hi, Founder & President, International Taekwon-Do Federation.

On 1st July 1992, Senior Master Seow was conferred the 4th Degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Park Jung Tae, Founder & President, Global Taekwon-Do Federation.

With his increasing interest in Taekwon-do, Senior Master Seow continued in the art and was conferred 5th Degree Black Belt on 17th October 1993 by Grandmaster B S Huan, President, Master B S Huan Taekwon-do International (currently renamed as Grandmaster B S Huan Taekwon-do International).

By that time, Senior Master Seow was already 55 years old and had spent a total of more than 30 years in active Taekwon-do. In view of the fact that Senior Master Leonard Seow was very active in community work he was also involved in organizing Taekwon-do Tournaments for Community Centres / Clubs and Police Boys Clubs. And on 16th November 2003 Grandmaster B S Huan, Founder & President of the Singapore Taekwon-do Academy, promoted Senior Master Leonard Seow to 6th Degree Black Belt. From his active community work, Senior Master Seow was conferred the Public Service Star (PBM) medal by the President of Singapore in 1999.

With the sad demise of Grandmaster B S Huan in 2012, Senior Master Seow together with the other Masters of the Singapore Taekwon-do Academy vowed to continue with Grandmaster B S Huan's vision / mission of teaching original Taekwon-do, Senior Master Seow was conferred the 7th Degree Black Belt in March 2013.

Master Leonard Seow who is 75 years old is still involved in conducting Taekwon-do classes and is one of the senior examiners for the centralized grading of the Singapore Taekwon-do Academy.

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