Grandmaster B. S. Huan

BS Huan

Article Posted on 11 March 2009

Grandmaster B S Huan was born in Singapore in a family of 11 brothers and sisters. He lived in a ‘kampung’. ‘Kampung’ in Malay means ‘village’.

When Grandmaster Huan was very young, at the age of ten, he was already keenly interested in the Martial Arts. Every evening, after school, he would spend a lot of time visiting the Chinese Martial Art schools and watching the students train. Before 1963, there were no TaeKwon-Do or Karate schools in Singapore.

At the age of 16 years, Grandmaster Huan began his martial art training at a Chinese Martial Art school. He learnt the Chinese martial art known as Chuan-Fu ( Kung- Fu).

In the ‘kampung’ home where Grandmaster lived, there was no electricity. After his martial art lessons in the evening, Grandmaster Huan would continue to practise in a room of an attap hut dimly lit by a small kerosene lamp. In the ‘kampung’ at dusk, it is very quiet at night with hardly any passer-by. Grandmaster Huan had a pet gibbon with him for company, whenever he practised his martial art. His fiancee, Elsie, now his wife, would also accompany him at these practices. She would always sit very patiently watching him practise the art in partial darkness.

In the early 1960s Grandmaster Huan was already an accomplished Chuan-Fa exponent. By that time, a Korean TaeKwon-Do instructor was coming to Singapore.

Grandmaster Huan was among a small group of students and exponents gathered at a deserted warehouse in the western part of the City to witness the first ever TaeKwon-Do display in Singapore. The TaeKwon-Do techniques displayed by the Korean exponents highly impressed Grandmaster Huan.

When a pioneer Korean TaeKwon-Do instructor was assigned to train the first batch of Singapore students, Grandmaster Huan assisted in the running of the first TaeKwon-Do Club in Singapore.

Grandmaster Huan attended training sessions regularly every evening from Monday to Friday. There were no training on Saturday and Sunday.

The pioneer Korean instructors who came to Singapore, were from the Ho Do Kwan groups. The Korean military usually learnt TaeKwon-Do from the Ho Do Kwan. Grandmaster Huan’s Korean instructors told him that Ho Do Kwan TaeKwon-Do was military TaeKwon-Do.

The Ho Do Kwan TaeKwon-Do is more combat orientated and is more rigid and stronger in movements and discipline, which is the art Grandmaster Huan’s students are practising now.

Grandmaster Huan was and is still a full-time TaeKwon-Do teacher. He devotes all his time to promoting the art. He has not only taught and perfected the art but has done unending research into the martial arts and had written TaeKwon-Do books. His books are distributed world-wide since 1975. He is still writing good TaeKwon-Do books which would benefit the students as well as instructors world-wide. TaeKwon-Do exponents, students and instructors all over the world frequently write to him and congratulate him on his books. They always urge him to write more books on TaeKwon-Do. Many had become Grandmaster Huan’s followers and students. His first overseas TaeKwon-Do school was established in England and Canada, then followed by Papua New Guinea, Spain and other countries.

Grandmaster Huan has personally taught over 100,000 students during the past 4 decades. Today, he is the only instructor from the pioneer group of 1963, still teaching and promoting TaeKwon-Do actively on a full-time basis.

Article Posted on 11 March 2009


Note: Grandmaster BS Huan has since passed away peacefully in the presence of all his family members on the 28 March 2012. He is deeply missed by all of us. See also :

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